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Britta Linnea Persson
Britta Linnea Persson

The Northern landscape has a special place in my heart.

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The first frost.

brittasart news / 20/09/2020

I’m finally back to painting and at the easel. This has been the longest break ever but here we go again. Why this break? Well, a combination of things, Read More

Spring bouquet.

brittasart news / 27/05/2020

  I don’t know what it is with tulips but they make me so happy. I associate them with spring, hope and light. When the first tulip bouquet arrives Read More


brittasart news / 26/04/2020

This time, the canvas and I made a slightly different journey. This is my first time painting being in quarantine. Knowing that one is not able to go out Read More


brittasart news / 28/03/2020

Sunflowers. This artwork I painted just before the Corona crisis started throughout the world. I got a friendly request from my daughter if I could make a painting with Read More

Magical night sky.

brittasart news / 28/10/2019

After my move from the north, many of my southern European friends have asked if I have ever seen the northern lights when they hear that I have roots Read More

Trollius Europaeus.

brittasart news / 10/09/2019

When the flowers, (Trollius Europaeus) start to bloom in the mountains, you know that the summer has arrived. Like small suns, they shine with their intense yellow colour on Read More