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Britta Linnea Persson
Britta Linnea Persson

The Northern landscape has a special place in my heart.


Summer in Asturias.

brittasart news / 2 Comments / 14/01/2022

After completing the previous painting, I decided to continue with the same theme, Asturias. This time the motif was a lush mountain slope with a small stone house near Playa Cadavedo. If you imagine standing with your back to the hill side, you look out over a pebble beach and the Atlantic Ocean expands mightily in front of you. However, I chose to interpret the landscape that you find if you walk from the beach along the path up the hill. The intense greenery found in this region is so powerful. If you’ve been there, you’ve probably been fascinated by the same thing. The mountain slope is filled with shades of green and lush vegetation. In the foreground, a small stream winds its way forward and its sides are lined with orange flowers. Unfortunately, I do not know its name, but they shine brightly against the green contrast. To the left there is an old stone house with stones in varying shades.

Layer upon layer of paint.

When I create a motif with lush vegetation, I first apply paint with a large brush mostly to highlight the motif’s different areas and make a slightly rough composition. Then I take a slightly smaller brush and work with the shape of each area. Here, the direction of the brush strokes is very important to recreate its natural shape. Last of all, my narrow brush emerges and the work that is most time-consuming but important for the result. The painting became a Christmas present for our daughter. I have saved the painting in the gallery on the website in the category Mixed landscapes. As usual, I invite you to share a comment here under the blog or write an email to


  • Börje / January 29, 2022 / Reply

    Bra jobbat!

    • Britta / January 30, 2022 / Reply

      Tusen tack för din feedback. Den var rolig att skapa.

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