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Britta Linnea Persson
Britta Linnea Persson

The Northern landscape has a special place in my heart.

An autumn day at the bog.

brittasart news / No Comment / 01/01/2021


This time I chose to depict a motif I had never painted before, a bog. To recreate this special terrain, I thought for a while about how I would make the surface look like a bog, give the viewer the slightly bouncing feeling when you put your foot down in the swamp and the wellingtons sink down a bit. The brushes were allowed to rest this time and instead I painted with a small roller and a sponge in different tones of ochre and terracotta. The idea was to interpret an autumn day in mid-October with a light grey sky, a little foggy haze on the horizon where the forest edge is glimpsed with pine, spruce and some trees with leaves in autumn colours. A tiny pine tree has stubbornly fixed its roots in the bog, an old windswept snow fence in grey wood has slowly collapsed after a long service to prevent snow drifts onto the road which could cause an impassable country road.


My love and hate for the bog.

When I was growing up, a lot of the berries were picked; those berries would be pickled and juiced to fill the cellar and freezer before the long winter. I didn´t exactly jump out with joy as a child when berry picking turned up on my parents’ program and I found the cloudberries the most boring berries to pick. Some years there were plenty of berries while other years we had to walk miles to fill a bucket, and as these berries are quite wet the level of berries kept sinking in my bucket. My dad used to say; we won´t head home before our buckets are full. I remember it felt like an eternity. I must admit that I of course also have positive memories from our excursions. The berries which are sweet and tasty, always taste deliciously if you can pick and eat them directly from the bog. When we picked cloudberries near Granåsen I was happy because then my uncles came along, two very strong forest men who were more than happy to carry the “little kimpen” (myself), when I got tired of walking and my wellington sank into the swamp. The highlight of the day was when my mother took out sandwiches, coffee and hot chocolate from the backpack. Eating outdoor in the forest always gives food en extra nice taste. This painting reflects the bog after the cloudberry season, but who knows, it may be another painting of a bog during summer time with “the gold of the forest”, cloudberries. If you have roots from up north this artwork might awake some memories. You can find the artwork under the category Lapland, autumn.

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