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Britta Linnea Persson
Britta Linnea Persson

The Northern landscape has a special place in my heart.


brittasart news / No Comment / 06/11/2020


After my latest painting with summer inspiration, I felt it was time for a winter painting. I often choose to paint birch trees and trunks, but another tree that I really like is the spruce, our Christmas tree. These are common trees in the forests of Lapland. Some are tall and impressive while others are crooked with few branches, but they keep growing slowly even if the climate is cold and tough. I especially like when the spruces are adorned with snow and the branches hang weighed down with a beautiful white decoration The environment I choose was a winter day when the sun appeared just for a few hours and the shadows of the trees are dancing on the ground covered with snow. This time I have not interpreted a particular place, just painted freely on my canvas hoping that the viewer will recognize the scenery. 

Winter up north has just a few hours of daylight.

I probably mentioned earlier, that the winter is long up north and the days have limited time of daylight, but this has also its charm. It is important to plan well which needs to be done before it gets dark. Who knows, maybe it gives you an extra boost of energy to make the most of those hours with light.  It is always a nice feeling when the canvas and I has reached our finish line after our journey together. The artwork Spruces you can find in the gallery Lapland- winter. I would be delighted if you take your time and write me a comment or send me a few lines in an email, .That gives me energy to carry on with my painting.  Ps. BrittasArt´s calendar for 2021 will be released soon. If you are interested of purchasing one or a few let me know, a nice Christmas gift.

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