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Britta Linnea Persson
Britta Linnea Persson

The Northern landscape has a special place in my heart.

The first frost.

brittasart news / No Comment / 20/09/2020


I’m finally back to painting and at the easel. This has been the longest break ever but here we go again. Why this break? Well, a combination of things, lack of inspiration, a broken arm, vacation and then a lot of work, but now the only thing I would like to do is to dive into creative ideas, brushes, paints, and recreate beautiful landscapes. First out being finished is a painting that I have chosen to name The First Frost. It is a special feeling when autumn reaches its end and cold temperature finally takes the first grip on the landscape. The frost on the trees forms decorative white garlands on the branches. The air is fresh and crispy. You can feel the coldness pinches in your cheeks and when exhaling the breath creates an almost invisible little cloud.

Blue sky and light as a yellowish filter.

I find the intense blue colour of the autumn sky so beautiful, and therefore I have tried to capture that in this painting. I decided to let the light create like a yellow filter over the landscape. The colour of the frost changes, in shade a bit darker and lighter where there is maximum light. I hope you like the colours I have chosen and feel the peace that the landscape breathes. You are more than welcome to comment directly on my blog under this post or email me at Or why not stay for a while on my page and explore my gallery where my previous paintings can be seen in different categories.

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