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Britta Linnea Persson
Britta Linnea Persson

The Northern landscape has a special place in my heart.

Spring bouquet.

brittasart news / 2 Comments / 27/05/2020



I don’t know what it is with tulips but they make me so happy. I associate them with spring, hope and light. When the first tulip bouquet arrives on the table for the year I am filled with a hopeful feeling, finally the dark winter months are over and there are brighter times to arrive. However, we are well into spring now and where I live it is almost summer, but this year we have all had a hugely different spring compared to previous years, so spreading some faith for the future feels like a good idea. During the pandemic I think all of us have had some moments when it felt difficult to look forward, even if it is not over yet at least is looking promising. For me, tulips are a farewell to winter and a welcome to the bright summer. I chose to put the vase with the tulip bouquet on a wooden table in front of a window. I really like to paint windows because the light input creates such a wonderful effect in the artwork. I have made a number of paintings with the same theme over the years and on my website under windows you can see more. I also added this one into the gallery under the window category. The ceramic vase I have decorated with a flower loop in blue. The white tablecloth could have been crocheted by my mother-in-law, who was skilled at crocheting. I hope I managed to do a fair interpretation with my brush, so it looks like one of her handicrafts.

Tulips in orange tones.

The colour of the tulips is orange with some shades of yellow and red. I chose pretty intense tones, as the tulips are the main motif in the painting. To create a sharp contrast to the colourful flowers, a thin, white tulle curtain became the background to the right. It would be interesting to know what you feel when you look at my latest painting. You are more than welcome to comment directly on my blog under this post or email me at

  • MonaLi / May 28, 2020 / Reply

    Ytterligare en vacker tavla.
    Du har fått till kontrasten bra med gardinen och färgen på vasen. Dessutom har du fått till träbordets ådring bra och ja du gör rättvisa åt handarbetet!
    Sen är det mysigt att se ut genom fönstret när man tittar på de krispigt rödorangea tulpanerna när man tänker på sommaren som kommer.
    Tavlan ger ett lyft nu i dessa annorlunda tider 🌞⚘🌷

    • Britta / May 28, 2020 / Reply

      Hej Monali, Tusen tack för den fina kritiken. Roligt med feed back, vilket leder till inspiration till nya konstverk. Tackar och bugar /Britta

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