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Britta Linnea Persson
Britta Linnea Persson

The Northern landscape has a special place in my heart.

The baking cottage.

brittasart news / No Comment / 11/10/2020


Now I am back on track, I have taken out my brushes again and the inspiration is flowing. In my latest artwork, I have chosen to paint a cottage with stone oven in Vilhelmina, which I think is so beautiful. It is located between the church and the church cottages and gives a picturesque touch in the older part of Vilhelmina, although the house has been established on the site in recent years. In northern Sweden flatbread has been baked for centuries back. The thin breads are baked in a large wood-fired oven. The bread can eighter be soft and filled something delicious and wrapped up a roll or crispy breads baked from barley flour with species like cumin or fennel. This cottage contains a beautiful wood-fired oven solely built for the purpose of bread baking lovers which forms an important part of our tradition and local heritage. The cottage was built for the local residence by municipality of Vilhelmina, making it available to any keen baker to book. I believe this is excellent initiative to keep tradition and knowledge alive. Especially when only a handful of modern home are equipped with such commodities of a stone oven. As a Swede abroad, I bake my flatbread in the frying pan on the gas stove. It works as well, even if the ambiance lacks some of the genuine essence of a real bakery such as the warmth from the fire and the communal spirit between the bakers. My mother always baked flatbread in December with some of her friends. One of them was my best friend Rosita’s mother who had a wood-fired oven in the basement. I still remember today the smell and the taste of the delicious bread my mother brought home. For me this was a sign that the festive season was just around the corner.

A little bit of history and Swedish summer feeling.

The grass in the foreground is intensely green in array of shades. It feels like Swedish summer for me. The grey tones of the house blend beautifully in with the green. The fence surrounding the plot displays the wonderful craftmanship of how fences where built back in the days, blending in with the nature.In this painting I hope that I have managed to intertwine history and the feeling of a northern Swedish summer. You can find the painting in the gallery under the category Lapland summer. As usual, I invite anyone who wishes to comment directly under this text or email me at Your feedback helps me to continue to develop.

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