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Britta Linnea Persson
Britta Linnea Persson

The Northern landscape has a special place in my heart.


Granåsen in my heart.

brittasart news / No Comment / 28/10/2022

I have finally finished painting number 3 in the series that I have been working on for the past few months. It turned out to be a long project that was more time-consuming than I initially thought. If I’m being completely honest, it’s not only because of the scope of the project, but also because my time for painting has been more limited. The days at work have been long, which has resulted in me being too tired to sit down at the easel as often as I would have liked. The moments that the canvas and I have travelled together have been a journey in a landscape that is so close to my heart. Allow me to refresh your memory a bit, no. 1 which was the client’s home as it looked in 1956, No. 2 from today reflected a lively day on the hill when the wood for the winter was prepared. Painting no. 3 is the view from his home place. If you turn your back to the mountains behind the houses, this is the view from above. However, I have allowed myself to “take away some trees” so that the cottages in the neighbouring farms would be visible. In the foreground, we see his homestead from above and how the meadows spread out and border the neighbours’ plots. In the background, Bergvattensjön, the lake is calm as a mirror. If you are from Dorotea, you might think “Well, that doesn’t look like the lake in the centre of town.” For those who didn’t already know, the lakes have the same name. A bit unusual for a municipality to have two lakes with the same name, one might think. Back then, the plots/lots of land were cut out like a “piece of cake” from the top of the village down to the lake so that everyone could have access to the lake and fishing. The plot to the right of the green house was acquired by my mother’s grandfather and has since been inherited and currently owned by my husband and myself.

Looking back in history.

For me, it has been exciting to see the landscape from above, an angle that was completely unknown to me, but everything is possible in today’s era when you can take photos with a drone. I wanted to create a calm, harmonious environment that the eye could calmly look at and find new details. My gaze sweeps to the right a little higher than the middle and lands at what used to be my aunt’s house. I remember well how it felt to sit under her apple tree. I remember thinking it was special because she was the only one, I knew at the time that had an apple tree. My uncles lived in the red house by the country road. You´ll see the back of their red house. They used to laugh and say that they lived in the centre of the hub, as the distance to the nearest towns was 40 kilometres and it is close to two county borders, Ångermanland and Jämtland. It was easy for them to cycle through three counties, a bit too easy, they thought, so sometimes they carried the bikes a bit through the forest to make the challenge bigger. If you look closely, you can glimpse the jetty at the village’s fine beach with white sand. If you have roots from the village, I hope you recognize scenery, even if the village is dense with forest. You can tell me if I succeeded in arousing your imagination. Perhaps I made you daydream and made you see your ancestors in front of you who worked hard to farm the land. Please write a comment if you like. You can find the painting in the gallery Lapland- Summer.

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