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Britta Linnea Persson
Britta Linnea Persson

The Northern landscape has a special place in my heart.


Country life.

brittasart news / No Comment / 13/07/2022

This painting is number two in a series of three. If you remember my previous artwork, which showed a farm from the year 1956. Here comes the homestead of today, some houses have been demolished and others have been built. I chose to interpret the farm from a distance so the contours of the great mountains behind the property would be seen.  It is not exactly crowded with people nowadays, in the smaller villages in the interior of Västerbotten so I took to an artist’s right to change the motif a bit. I was eagerly encouraged by the client, who wanted as much life and movement in the painting as possible. His proposal was to describe an ordinary day when the wood is prepared for the long winter. The machines for cutting the trunks and split them into smaller pieces have been taken out from the garage. From the chimney of the bakery, smoke rises, and a woman has just come out on the courtyard, carrying freshly baked bread. Can you feel the smell of the delicious bread? Perhaps the first one to taste it will be the owner of the Arizona bronze-coloured DeSoto, who just arrived and parked his car between the houses. A white car with the hood opened is being repaired by a friendly mechanic, who will hopefully manage to fix the problem. A tractor is on its way up to the farm with a load of gravel on the trailer. In the foreground of the property, some youngsters are playing around on their quad bikes. A woman hangs out the laundry on the clotheslines. Some cloths are already swaying in the wind, and the smell of fresh linen enter my nose. The flowerbed shines beautifully with red and yellow flowers and a lady has knelt to clear the weeds. A young girl walks with her red watering can towards the greenhouse. To the right you see smoke billowing from the family´s smoke, maybe it’s yesterdays fishing catch that is being prepared for dinner. A curious fox sneaks around behind the barn, maybe I can find something edible, he thinks. By the way, do you find the moose? Since moose bull has discovered there is a free pass and no hunter guarding in the watch tower, he can majestically stroll past the property without risking his life this time. A painting which is filled with small details as you can see. You are welcome to write me a comment if you like. The painting is saved into the category Lapland- summer.

Vacation for some weeks.

Now I´m taking a break from my painting and the brushes can rest for some weeks. I´m looking forward  topping up my inspiration and start new interesting projects in the autumn. First shall be the third one in this series, of course. Will that be a futuristic version of the farm you might think? No that’s not the plan but I won´t reveal what it will be. You must wait and see. Warm summer greetings from BrittasArt, // Britta

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