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Britta Linnea Persson
Britta Linnea Persson

The Northern landscape has a special place in my heart.



brittasart news / No Comment / 18/04/2018

I wanted to paint a real “summery” piece of art and after thinking a while I decided to paint geraniums. A pot plant I really like, it means summer to me. As a child, I remember my aunt´s kitchen window and garden which was always pruned by stunningly geraniums in blossom. The pots I painted are the most common ones, terracotta pots, which have a wonderful color in my opinion. I chose plain red flowers and a pink with a protruding branch that rests against the stone table. The table is placed against the wall to protect the plants from the wind. The lush greenery of summer is reflected in the background.

From green fingers to creative hands.

The table is an old Husqvarna branded sewing machine, which has finished its labour for sewing, but now works perfectly as a table. A good way of re-using old things I think. As I was painting, I thought of the creative women who successfully mastered these sewing machines. Many beautiful things were created with very small resources in the past. My mum started her sewing career with a sewing machine of this kind, I own one myself from 1912. A bit of challenge to sew on I can ensure. I hope that with this painting I managed to make the viewer long for the upcoming summer. You can find it in the gallery, in the category “Flowers”.

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