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Britta Linnea Persson
Britta Linnea Persson

The Northern landscape has a special place in my heart.


Volgsjön – calm as a millpond.

brittasart news / No Comment / 10/07/2018

A beautiful place to charge the batteries is to walk the path “Strandpromenaden” in Vilhelmina close to the lake Volgsjön. Along this pathway you can really feel peace, it´s you and nature. There is a sense of tranquility, a place to gather your thoughts. My painting dates back to the autumn 2015 when I stayed in Vilhelmina for two weeks, while my exhibition “In Harmony With The Nature” was ongoing at Folkets Hus. For several days, the autumn weather was utterly magical and I was walking along the path “Strandpromenaden” towards Lövliden. The lake Volgsjön was serene and beautiful, not a single movement to be seen on the lake´s surface. There is something special with the autumn up in the north when the air is high and clear. The nights begin to be cold in Lapland, but when the sun sets forth, the autumn leaves of the trees are even more powerful in its colours. I love the autumn colours and when the trees change their green leaves to yellow, orange and red. In this painting I really have enjoyed working with so many colours.

From Volgsjö to a queen´s name.

Vilhelmina was originally called Volgsjö before it was named after the queen. Three towns in Västerbotten inland were 1804 named after the queen Fredrika Dorotea Vilhelmina married to King Gustav IV Adolf. The lake, however, has retained its name, Volgsjön. It is here the river, Ångermanälven begins, which flows beautifully through southern Lapland and Ångermanland until it reaches its outlet in the Baltic Sea´s Gulf of Bothnia. Volgsjön is situated 334 meters over sea level and many tourists have enjoyed the stunning view over the lake during the years. I hope my piece of art would transfer a calm feeling to the viewer and who knows perhaps a desire to walk along this path and look out over this wonderful lake. You can find the painting in Brittas Art Gallery, in the category “Lapland- Autumn”.

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