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Britta Linnea Persson
Britta Linnea Persson

The Northern landscape has a special place in my heart.



brittasart news / No Comment / 10/02/2023


I decided to continue the summer theme and chose a motif from Fatmomakke, a Sami village in the mountains of Vilhelmina. This summer we were there on a couple of occasions with some foreign friends and it is always a popular excursion destination. It was a beautiful summer day and the sun glittering in the water and we enjoyed walking around among Sami tipis and the old log cabins. I remember in particular an old timber cottage that we went into and I was struck by how dark it felt inside. When turning around, I was greeted by a stunning view outside the windswept window. The bright greenery of summer contrasts with the blue sky with light summer clouds. The sun reflecting on the surface of creek and in the foreground light green straws that spread in all directions. I have often thought back to the feeling I got that day. You know, sometimes you long to get out of the darkness to be embraced by the sharp warm sunlight. That’s how the idea for the painting sprouted. I hope that my brushes have managed to capture that feeling, the desire. I have painted windows on several occasions before and a painting with a window can really liven up a dull wall without a view.

Fatmomakke – a Sami village.

If you are thinking of making a tour to the mountains of Vilhelmina, I can warmly recommend a visit to Fatmomakke. It is so peaceful to wander around in the picturesque environment and a trip up to the church is a must, as well as a visit to Lapp-lisa´s Sami hut. Why not a visit to the cafe run by my cousin and his wife, taking a coffee break and enjoy their delicious freshly baked waffles with cloudberry jam. Not to mention the magnificent and virgin nature that you will find in this part of the country. The nature of the mountain up north is something that cannot be described, it must be experienced. Just book a holiday trip for next summer right? You will find the painting in the Window category on my website’s gallery.

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