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Britta Linnea Persson
Britta Linnea Persson

The Northern landscape has a special place in my heart.


Trollius Europaeus.

brittasart news / No Comment / 10/09/2019

When the flowers, (Trollius Europaeus) start to bloom in the mountains, you know that the summer has arrived. Like small suns, they shine with their intense yellow colour on the meadows in the mountain valleys. All the layers of petals adds up to a round little ball and it creates a really beautiful flower. Perhaps they are a tribute to the light that has finally returned after many dark winter months. In the valley the summer has started to be seen  but on the highest peaks there are still some stains of snow left.

With the foreground in focus.

To build up a depth in the picture, I have painted the mountains a little bit blurry so it gives the feeling that they are far away, while the flowers that are the main subject have been painted with more details and with many layers of yellow colour to give them the round shape. You will find the painting in the gallery, in the category “Lapland summer”.

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