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Britta Linnea Persson
Britta Linnea Persson

The Northern landscape has a special place in my heart.


brittasart news / No Comment / 26/04/2020

This time, the canvas and I made a slightly different journey. This is my first time painting being in quarantine. Knowing that one is not able to go out made me longing for my home country more than I ever felt for a very long time. The painting itself became a meaningful pastime that made my thoughts travel to a place where I feel great harmony and peace of mind. The motif is again Granåsen, Dorotea’s southernmost village in Lapland, Sweden. This summer, I spent nine wonderful days there during my exhibition “Back to My Roots” so it felt natural to choose to paint from environments near the school, in this case a summer road behind the schoolhouse that weaves beautifully between old birch trunks, and with an old yellow house on the other side of the meadow close to the forest.

Let painting become a soul soothing therapy.

The peace that comes with an ongoing art work is so inspiring and cheerful. Mentally I am in the middle of the landscape I paint and can almost feel the scent of nature around me. Bit by bit, the landscape grows and that’s me and the canvas, in a bubble. During the night, I often dream about the project, which means that I often see solutions when I wake up, how to take the painting further. Then I exchange ideas with an artistic friend who has incredible critical eyes and an amazing ability to give advice on how things can be lifted to the next level. Sometimes the artwork needs to rest a few days before I can continue, always at my own pace and without stress. Take a look at the painting and let me know if it made you dream of the upcoming summer. You will find the painting in the gallery, under the category Lapland summer.


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