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Britta Linnea Persson
Britta Linnea Persson

The Northern landscape has a special place in my heart.



brittasart news / No Comment / 20/02/2019

In this painting I will take you to a large, mighty lake in the municipality of Vilhelmina, Malgomaj. this is an impressive lake which stretches over 45 km between the villages Malgovik and Stalon. If you are traveling to the mountains in Vilhelmina you get the opportunity to enjoy its beauty and the fantastic nature around it. What I wanted to capture this time is an afternoon in November. Normally the winter starts with cold weather and snow at the same time and the landscape is quickly hidden under a white blanket, but it happens that the winter begins really cold but not accompanied with snow and that happened last year, 2018.

A frozen landscape lined with beautiful frost.

When the snow is arriving later than normal the autumn turns into a frozen landscape. Incredibly amazing with the hoarfrost which beautifully covers the branches and gives the remaining grasses a white decor. It is such a year you get to experience an ice perfect for ice-skating and it is an almost unreal feeling to be able to “walk on water”. With my brush I have been trying to recreate the crispy feeling when you are outdoor such a day. It is fresh and cold outside which you feel straight away in your face, especially in your cheeks and when breathing your breath creates a chilly cloud. I hope that you like the colour tones I have chosen, the sky and the ice in soft pastel colours in contrast to the brown and grey tones of the stones and the trees, all covered in white frost. Hopefully, the scenery gives the viewer a peaceful feeling. You will find the painting in the gallery, in the category “Lapland winter”.

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