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Britta Linnea Persson
Britta Linnea Persson

The Northern landscape has a special place in my heart.

Landscape Artist | Britta Linnea Persson

Mirror, mirror.

brittasart news / 18/06/2019

In my latest artwork I have left my comfort zone “landscape” and painted a motif which for me is different. A few months ago I was contacted by a Read More


brittasart news / 20/02/2019

In this painting I will take you to a large, mighty lake in the municipality of Vilhelmina, Malgomaj. this is an impressive lake which stretches over 45 km between Read More

Up on the hill.

brittasart news / 06/02/2019

I decided to start 2019 with a small summer painting. The scenery is from the village where my parents were born and grew up. This particular view is from Read More

Green apples.

brittasart news / 11/10/2018

Autumn is here and it means time for harvest. Our tiny apple tree gave unusually many apples this year. I placed some in a basket on the kitchen counter Read More

More birch trunks.

brittasart news / 12/09/2018

In this painting I am taking you to my favourite place. There is a beautiful bay where I spent many summers during my childhood. For me, this place breathes Read More